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Who we are.

Founded in 1984, Coleman & Associates is led by Richard Coleman. We are a team of model-making professionals who are expert in 3D development, mold making and production.

Our team prides itself in producing the highest quality models and prototypes available. We approach each assignment as a fresh, new challenge with the best interests of our clients always in mind.

We bring industry expertise to your projects.

For over 30 years, Coleman & Associates has been helping clients with aerospace, architectural, manufacturing, engineering, petroleum and litigation projects.

This means you will work with professionals who understand your challenges and pass on knowledge and expertise, adding value to your projects.

This also means we already know the ropes, so your projects are often produced much faster than you would expect, and at less cost.



A recognized leader.

Our work has been displayed around the world and in Sanford Hohauser’s Architectural and Interior Models, the definitive reference book of the trade.

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