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Laser Cutting Services

Coleman & Associates offers state-of-the art laser cutting to the general public. This process can quickly turn your drawings into laser-cut parts from a number of materials, and greatly reduce the time normally needed to cut by hand or by pen plotter.

Please use these steps for information, advice, or to submit your drawings. Be sure to include your name and contact information, so we can follow-up with pricing and a schedule for delivery.

By following these guidelines, you will minimize our CAD time and your final cost. If you have any questions, please call Coleman and Associates at 281-890-8290.


E-mail Jason Briner at

Send drawing files to

Download these Laser CAD Guidelines
in PDF format for printing,

  • Draw all parts with ordinary lines or polylines set to .001 width.
  • If using AutoCAD, make sure parts are in the world coordinate system (WCS).
  • Draw all parts in the X, Y plane.
  • Purge all unused layers and blocks.
  • Scale drawing to desired size.
  • Set units to 4 decimal places.
  • Space between cut lines must be greater than the material thickness.
  • Group parts from the same material on sheets no large than 31 7/8” (X axis) X 17 7/8” (Y axis) for the Universal Laser, and no large than 35 7/8” (X axis) X 23 7/8” (Y axis) for the Epilog Laser.
  • Label each sheet with the material and thickness desired.
  • Pack parts with spacing of no less than 1/8"
  • Create layers in the following manner:
  • If the layer is to have cut lines - name the layer “cut”.
  • If the layer is to have score lines - name the layer “score”.
  • More than one layer for each type of line can be created by adding a number designation, cut1, cut2, score1, score2, etc.
  • We accept DWG, DXF, Freehand, Illustrator files in Windows format.
  • NOTE: Make sure there are no duplicate or overlapping lines (this will cause the laser to cut in the same place multiple times and will yield an undesirable result)


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