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Customized services to make your projects stand out.

Coleman & Associates can help you with unique presentation models for design, competition, sales, marketing and legal purposes.

We can build to almost any scale in acute detail, due to our powerful and versatile resources:

  • State of the art technologies including AutoCad, SolidWorks, Magics, Universal and Epilog laser cutters, large format printer, and video blue photo studio.

  • Capability to use a wide range of materials including acrylics, woods, laminates, foam boards and light metals.

  • Various model-making techniques such as computer graphics, air brushing, silk screening, resin casting, vacuum forming and laser cutting.

  • A talented, professional team of project managers, model makers and technicians who are expert in mold making, resin casting, vacuum forming and fine finish detail.

Our promise to you

  Superior quality and accuracy.

  Meticulous attention to detail.

  Competitive pricing.

  On-time delivery.

  Friendly service.


Our process supports your success.

Step one: we listen. We must comprehend your unique set of requirements and challenges. Most likely, you will present us with highly-detailed specifications and influencing factors – and we know the additional questions to ask.

Our consultation and planning includes prioritizing your goals and developing the most cost effective approach to your solution. Careful attention is given to scope, scale, size, level of detail you require, and peripheral enhancements to make your projects shine. Then we help gear your projects to your audience and your budget.

Design and production start with concept development and are centered around application of the details you provide, for a truly customized solution.

Electronic and Web delivery of images and status reports keeps you updated on progress, and helps you monitor production details and communicate with the model-making team.

Quality control and accuracy are ensured by rigorous checks and measures, so all projects will conform to your exact specifications.

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